[OPEN CALL !] Enfin Seule Fest 2018




Enfin seule (finally alone)… awaits firmly for you at the end of August in Marseille.

THE big Festival of the year, that awakes your tinnitus when streets are deserted, and the swet rolls quietly along your spine, without the shadow of a music show showing up his teeth.

But then: ENFIN SEULE is…?

A one human band festival, for musicians, performers, dancers, and all kinds of trans-disciplinary artists…

Two first editions, one for everyone and the other just for women,

Three pilar places,  lAsile 404, Data, l’Embobineuse, very year, supported by some other: la Dar lamifa, la Salle Gueule, among others, (and our beloved Plaine)

A fortnight of artists from everywhere every year,

Three live days, one different place every night,

And an acoustic wandering between the two of them.

So many support (but not only) Parties… , that you won’t know where to give your penny anymore,

This year, it’ll be the 16th, 17th and 18th August.

Here, even if you stay a day or for the whole festival (which we warmly invite you to)

You’ll be hosted, fed, and watered.

Without a clear budget yet, last year we managed to to give each one of you around a hundred euros, and some more when the transport fee were more expensive.

The program will be elaborated untin end of June, so you can send all your proposals via this e-mail, until the 30 of MAY

⋗⋗ enfinseule@asile404.org

One rule only: to be finally alone and multi-source.

For each proposal we will have to know this points:

• Name of the project
• Type or discipline, music, dance, perf etc
• Style or description in one line
• Town and Country of résidence.
• A more elaborated text of your proposal.
• One or more links where we can listen to you / see you
• And above all: all your disponibilities on the period of time if any of the days is not possible for you.


We will answer you by the end of June to check dates and other logistical details.

Until then, the web-chanel Enfinseule goes back on, and the teaser of this edition is coming….

⋗⋗ https://vimeo.com/enfinseul


And if ever you are not available in August but motivated to play in a support party between april and july, you will be more than welcome!


Picture: Les Enfants de la Nuit Occidentale – Slow on request, performance J#2, Enfin Seule 2017 •  Photography Anne Sophie Lacombe

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